4 day split: best circuit cutting program

4 day split

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A 4 day circular program for cutting. Read to learn how to lose weight without spending a lot of time going to the gym.

4 day split


Program goal Fat burning
Training type Split, circular training
Training level For beginners
Program duration 12 weeks
Number of workouts per week 4
Training duration 15 minutes
Sex For men, for women
Equipment Barbell, dumbbell


Want to lose weight but don’t want to spend a lot of time on it? Circular training with a barbell and dumbbells will allow you to perform a large amount of work in a short time  15 minutes or less.

These workouts are harder than classic schemes like 3×10. But with proper dedication, they will give an excellent result.


As part of our training program, 4 workouts per week are performed. All of them are held according to the principle of circular training, without rest between sets and with a minimum rest time between rounds. Days of rest fall on Wednesday and weekend.

Day 1: 4 day push pull workout routine for upper body

Exercise Number of sets Execution time
Pull-ups 3 1 minute.
Push-ups 3 1 minute.
Incline Dumbbell Lifts 3 1 minute.
Standing Dumbbell Press 3 1 minute.


Day 2: 4 day workout routine for leg strengthening

Exercise Number of sets Execution time
Deadlift with dumbbells on straight legs 3 1 minute.
Frontal dumbbell squats 3 1 minute.
Bodyweight lunges 3 1 minute.
Bodyweight side lunges 3 1 minute.


Day 3: upper body strength training – a set of basic exercises

Exercise Number of sets Execution time
Reverse grip rod pull 3 1 minute.
Bench press 3 1 minute.
Horizontal pull-ups 3 1 minute.
Bench press 3 1 minute.


Day 4: gym total body split workout

Exercises Number of sets Execution time
Deadlift 3 1 minute.
Squats 3 1 minute.
Barbell Lunges 3 1 minute.
Barbell Deadlift on straight legs 3 1 minute.


The last two will be the hardest workouts in the program. For convenience, it’s better to immediately take a few bars (yes, the entire gym will hate you for this!). Exercises need to be performed at a fast pace. Choose a weight of weight that you can work with, observing the correct technique.


Exercises are performed at a fast pace, but without sudden movements. Do not use too heavy weights. Weight should be above average, exercises are done at an explosive pace. Lowering the weight should be smooth to better control movement. All repetitions must be of high quality, and there must be many.

Rest between sets should be well-being.

Ideally, after the completion of each round you need to rest for 30  60 seconds, but we are all different from each other.

Understand what you are capable of, and train accordingly, gradually trying to improve the results.

The third and fourth workouts are more complex, as they require the use of additional equipment. If you train in a crowded gym and cannot immediately take a few racks and benches, you can replace these workouts with the first and second from our list. This will also bear fruit.

This training program, as well as high-intensity interval training for quick weight loss, is perfect for those who want to do a lot of work in a short time. It is designed for those who work from morning to night or just for health during their lunch break.

If you have more time at your disposal, you can exercise at longer rest intervals. This will allow you to work with more serious weights and burn more calories in training.

We recommend training in this mode for 12 weeks, after which take a week of rest and start with renewed vigor.

Diet and Nutrition Guidelines

Training in the gym is only part of cutting. To improve fat burning, you need to put your diet in order. Use the calorie calculator to calculate your daily intake.

Subtract 250 to 500 calories from this amount and consume this number of calories daily. It’s very convenient to use mobile applications for counting. Track your results and you will see how your form changes.

Good sleep and stress relief are also important when fighting fat.

Try to sleep for 7  9 hours every night and spend 5  10 minutes in the afternoon on meditation, this will help to collect your thoughts.

Extra cardio outside the gym will not harm your calorie deficit. It is not necessary to do it alone. If you have a family, try to combine sports and quality time. Family trips or pool activities are two in one. You spend time with your family and burn calories at the same time.


A four-day cutting program is a great way for those who want to lose weight, but are limited in time for sports. The process is built around circular training and barbell complexes. So you do more work while spending less time.