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You are on a blog about fitness and healthy lifestyle, in which we collected for you the most useful and up-to-date information.

On the pages of the blog, you can learn everything about training your body, both at home and in the gym. Our articles and tips will suit everyone, men and women, guys and girls. No matter what nationality you are, whether you are an atheist or a believer, fat or thin, it does not matter, you will find what you need workout-beauty blog.

You no longer need to climb on the Internet in search of training programs, diets and exercise techniques, all of this we have gathered in one place for you. We are not a dubious site that riveted on the knee and reprinted information from other sites. We are the same lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport, like you, and we publish articles, information in which is tested on ourselves, we share personal experience with you, and do not shove the known every truth.


A little about bodybuilding and fitness

Bodybuilding and fitness has always been a huge field, where there were many myths and misconceptions. Some are built on perennial stereotypes, others – are the consequences of incorrect correlations. A classic example of the first kind is the statement: “training the press allows you to burn fat on it,” an example of the second is “training the pectoral muscles with a special grip, I feel like pumping the inside of the chest.” Surely even you think that these statements are very logical. However, in reality they have nothing to do with reality and are nothing more than a mass misconception.

SCIENCE is the only one who can give the right answer to questions about training, nutrition and muscle growth. Neither the senior comrade in the hall, nor the professional sportsman from the TV screen or the cover of the magazine, namely SCIENCE knows for certain why muscles grow, fat burns, physical parameters (strength or endurance) grow. Therefore, in matters of training and nutrition should rely, first of all, on it – of course, if you are interested in the real result, rather than trampling on the spot for many years.

BlogĀ workout-beauty.com aims to provide answers to the most popular issues of bodybuilding and fitness – how it really is, without reference to authorities and false subjective feelings that run counter to science and can not be a reflection of the truth.


The portal is oriented, first of all, to those who are ready to learn, to break stereotypes and delusions (including oneself inside) and to be open for learning new information. I do not set a goal to convince or prove something to my readers – I just give information, describe the processes as they really are. Naturally, there will always be those who are ready to develop and go forward, as well as those for whom the own rigidity of the brain, perennial errors and stereotypes will be more valuable than scientific, true information. This is normal.