Benefits of strength training for women

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What kind of activities that can help women stay strong, burn calories, and build healthy bones? Strength training – training with weights. Before you say no thanks to the scales, please take some time to challenge your prejudices and gain knowledge about the benefits of strength training for women.



Key Features

  1. Inactive adults experience from 3 to 8 percent of the loss of muscle mass over a decade. Exercises with weights (strength exercises) accelerate the metabolism at a complete body rest by about 7 percent and help to minimize the loss of muscle tissue (muscle tissue atrophy).
  2. A regular strength training program for women will help you to effectively reduce fat deposits and burn calories, which leads to healthy weight loss.
  3. Strength training for women helps to maintain and build muscle and bone mass regardless of age.

A 2011 social survey, according to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), fewer than 20% of women asked were told that they had complied with the recommendations of the US CDC for 2 1/2 hours of aerobic exercise and two strength training sessions for women on a weekly basis . But the benefits of strength training for women speak for themselves. Inactive adults experience from 3 to 8 percent of the loss of muscle mass over a decade. Training with weights (strength training) speeds up metabolism at full rest to 7 percent and helps to minimize loss of muscle tissue.


strength training for women
Women’s push-ups


Moreover, when you do strength training, you get more fat burning explosion for the same money.

Attention! Women and girls, working with weights keeps the body working on their forms even before 48 hours after the end of the weight rises.

This process is commonly called “exercise after-burn” (when the impact on the muscles is already over, but its effect is far from complete). Exercise specialists talk a lot about the body’s ability to continue burning calories after exercise, called “Supplemental oxygen consumption after exercise,” or EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). A study published at the University of New Mexico (UNM) reports that the body takes from 15 minutes to 48 hours to return to rest after training. This means that you continue to burn calories after strength training for women (training with weights). The study (UNM) reports that the intensity of the training has the greatest impact on the fact,

And would I like to pump?

Many women abandon the benefits of strength training (deprive themselves of these benefits with the connotation of regret, with conscious choice) for fear of developing pumped muscles (bulging muscles). This is a false idea and an incorrect interpretation of the effect of strength training for women. According to the Women’s Heart Foundation, the high level of estrogen makes it very difficult for women to become excessively muscular. When women lift the weight of the changes in their muscles, they are usually associated with tone, strength and endurance, and not with size. The resulting appearance of female muscles is characterized as dense (and not loose), NOT massive manly, but HARMONIOUS WITH SEXUAL FEMALE MUSCLE.

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strength training for women
Women’s deadlift


What are the advantages of strength training for women (the benefit of training with weights)?

Strength training is a key component of overall health and good physical fitness for women, and also provides an important balance of aerobic training. The Mayo Clinic takes into account the following benefits of strength training.

Strength training for women retain muscle mass

Muscle mass decreases with age. Neutralize this loss through strength training (training with weights). The percentage of body fat increases, while you grow older if you do not do anything to replace the dry muscle mass that you lose. Strength training for women helps to maintain and increase muscle mass, regardless of age.


Benefits of strength training
Workout for women and men


Strength training for women control weight

Regular workouts with weights help you increase the lean body mass component (muscle mass) and burn calories more effectively, which leads to healthy weight loss.

Training with weights reduces the risk of osteoporosis

Because of the hormonal changes that women experience as they grow older, they naturally lose bone density, which increases the risk of osteoporosis. Systematic lifting of weights (only NOT raising furniture in the house and not carrying packages with products from the supermarket, and training with weights in the gym under the supervision of a trainer or a more experienced like-minded person) slows down the deterioration of bone health and can help bones grow stronger, help you retain strength and reduce the likelihood of developing or slowing the effects of osteoporosis.

Strength training for women reduces the risk of joint injury

When you swing your muscles, you help protect joints from damage and improve balance and coordination. It is becoming more important to help you maintain your independence when you grow older.


Benefits of strength training
Fit woman


How to start weight training for women?

The following equipment and additional equipment for training with weights will help you gain dry muscle mass.

Body weight

Using your own body weight for resistance is an excellent way to increase muscle strength. Push-ups, pull-ups, and exercises for abdominal muscles are some of the simplest exercises that use your own body weight.

Loose weights

Below are the standard types of free weights:

  • Dumbbells
  • Giri
  • Barbells

Buy these shells for training with weights inexpensively used on bulletin boards, buy at a price that matches new products in sporting goods stores or find them in most gyms.


training for women
Training for women – squats with barbell


Training apparatus

Many fitness centers offer cable and block power simulators for working out various muscular groups and body parts. Ask for help in using each simulator for the first time or follow the instructions for using this equipment, which are located either on the parts of the simulator or next to it on the poster. It is also appropriate to purchase simulators for home gyms. In this case, this option is not available to every person from a financial point of view. In addition, I recommend strength training for women in the gym, because such meetings of like-minded people create the component of motivation and exchange of experience necessary for proper training with weights, and the support of women and girls for each other.

Rubber harness

Training with weights by overcoming the tensile strength of the rubber harness provides an inexpensive way for home strength training. Some medical rooms or clinics of sports medicine provide patients with rubber bands for free. In addition, you will choose from the presented a number of options for equipment and additional equipment in sporting goods stores. If you are not familiar with the rubber strand, it resembles an enlarged in size, colorful gum.

To get a kickback from strength training for women, choose a weight or resistance level so that muscle fatigue occurs after 8 to 12 repetitions. Start with one approach and work up to two or three approaches as you become stronger. For specific instructions on the field of training and mastering strength training with specific types of weights and weight lifting, ask for help from an instructor-coach in the gym, a medical center or a local club.

Write in the comments, dear girls and women, about what you have experience in weight training with weights? What kind of fear did you have before you started? What questions remained unexplained?