Exercises for the press for girls at home

Exercises for the press for girls at home

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A flat press with embossed cubes is a dream for many girls. Torturing in the gym, running in the morning and not a gram of extra calories – so the weak sex is trying to achieve the goal. Some want to restore the former form after giving birth, others are in a hurry to prepare the body for the beach season, but not everyone gets it, as time for visiting sports clubs, as a rule, is not enough. In such situations, press exercises for girls at home are the ideal solution to the problem. More so, the press is a category of muscles that requires daily attention.

Training the abdominal muscles at home for young mothers or very busy business ladies is a great way to improve the figure, because they can be done at any free time. In addition, it takes no more than ten minutes to complete the minimum complex.


exercises for girls
Exercises for girls



Anatomy of the muscles of the press

Many misunderstand the concept of “muscle press”, they think that it is enough to perform a standard set of exercises to achieve the desired result. This is not quite true: a developed press is not only the visible cubes, but also the enormous work of deep muscles. Only rationally selected complex of exercises for the press girls will bring the maximum effect from the training.

  • Straight muscle of the press

In fact, this is the press itself: the muscle originates from the sternum and ends with the pubic bone. It is a long and flat muscle, divided into two parts: the right and left. Due to this line and several horizontal lines, cubes on the abdomen are formed, which are visually visible.

The main purpose of the straight muscle is the flexion of the body in the lumbar region. In this case, you can twist both the pelvis to the body and the body to the pelvis. In the first case, the lower part of the press will work more, and in the second case, the upper part. 

  • The transverse muscle of the press

 Passes horizontally on the sides of the abdomen and lies inside it. This is the deepest layer of the muscles of the abdominal wall, which does not affect the formation of cubes. Nevertheless, the role of this muscle is also great: it supports the internal organs, simplifying the walls of the abdomen.

  •  Slanting abdominal muscles

 External or external oblique abdominal muscle originates from the side of the chest and smoothly passes into the external intercostal muscles. Its main purpose is flexion of the spine with lateral inclinations and corners of the body. At the same time, when turning to the right, the left muscle works, and to the left – the right one.

The internal oblique muscle is located directly under the outer one. She crosses the stomach from chest to pelvis obliquely. Its function is the same as that of the external oblique muscle, only the side in which the body is rotated will work.

Exercises for the press: benefits and contraindications

Exercises for the press girls at home are not only possible, but also need to be done, because their benefits are obvious. But you should not lose sight of some contraindications, so as not to exacerbate existing health problems. We will discuss this in more detail below.

Benefits of Exercises

The benefit of such occupations can not be described in a few words, since not only the beauty of the figure depends on them, but also important aspects of women’s health.

Improved shape

The first thing you can clearly see and for what each girl fights is a tautly embossed tummy, and some even with beautifully expressed dices of the press. The second is, of course, absence of fat on the waist and abdomen: But this is possible only with the parallel observance of a special diet for weight loss. Otherwise, the beautiful texture of the muscles will simply be invisible under the fat layer. Well and one more positive moment – posture improves. The muscles of the press are one of the elements that form the muscular corset. So thanks to them we can get rid of the bulging belly and get a beautiful posture.


Exercises on the press
Exercises on the press


Retention of internal organs and oxygen supply

Next, we list those useful effects that we do not know about, but they bring invaluable benefits to the overall health of women.

In addition to forming a beautiful posture, the developed muscular corset of the abdomen protects and supports internal organs: the stomach, intestine and bladder are always in the position in which they should be.

Shaking the press, we supply the internal organs with oxygen, so we improve their functioning. The result – no problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Healthy spine

The press, as well as the lower back, refer to the muscles-stabilizers of the cortex, which, in a tightened state, allow the spine to maintain its health.

Decreased appetite

Effective exercises for the press for girls significantly reduce appetite, which in turn makes a considerable contribution to the process of losing weight.

Healthy reproductive system

Exercises on the press for girls have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system and can even help with problems with childbearing. And at delivery a strong press is simply necessary!


The use of exercises on the press for girls
The use of exercises on the press for girls


Contraindications to exercise

 Contra-indications for training on the press include:

      1. Various diseases of internal organs, one way or another involved in training. Among them are: omission of internal organs; bending of the uterus; a hernia of any localization; malignant tumors of the pelvic organs.
      2. Postoperative period.
      3. Serious problems with the spine.
      4. Pregnancy and the first months after childbirth.
      5. In some cases, critical days.

It is also not recommended to start training immediately after eating, as this is fraught with a stomach disorder.

The most effective exercises

As a rule, the complex of exercises for the press is divided into three categories: working out of the lower press, upper and oblique muscles. And you need to pay attention to each zone equally, otherwise you will not get a relief tummy, but its parody in the form of several unevenly pumped cubes.

Exercises for the lower press

The elaborate bottom press is considered the last stroke of the ideal tummy. As a rule, subcutaneous fat disappears from the top down, so fat in the lower abdomen disappears last. But he will return first, if training stops or the proper diet is broken. Exercise training, but if you ignore the diet, your cubes will simply not be visible behind a layer of fat.

We present to your attention the three effective exercises for the lower press. (in addition, we recommend that you study the spinning exercise on the press in detail).

Back torsion

The technique of the exercise will be as follows:

      • We lay down on the back and bend the legs in the knees and hip joints;
      • straining the lower abdominal muscles and pulling the knees to the head, the pelvis is raised from the floor while the upper part of the body is held still;
      • linger at the end point, at which the knees will be at the chest level, a few seconds;
      • smoothly return to the starting position;
      • repeat the exercise 10-20 times.

In the future, the element can be complicated by putting a dumbbell between the legs. And even later you can perform the exercise is not with bent, but with straight legs.


reverse torsions
Reverse torsions


Feet lifting with fitball

We perform the element as follows:

      • We lay down on the back and hold the fitball between the ankles;
      • straining the press and squeezing the ball;
      • raise the straight legs with the ball up;
      • linger at the top;
      • We lower our legs down without touching the floor;
      • linger at the bottom point;
      • repeat 10-20 times.

Make sure that the loin does not come off the floor when performing the element. For this, you can put your hands under your thighs.


Feet lifting with fitball
Feet lifting with fitball


There are many more interesting exercises for the press with a fitball.

Legs in the Vise

To perform this exercise on the press for girls, we need a bar or bar:

      • we occupy the position “on the crossbar”: hands are straight at the width of the shoulders, the body is straight;
      • strain the press and begin to slowly raise the straight legs up until they reach a parallel with the floor;
      • linger at this point;
      • gently lower our legs down;
      • repeat 10-20 times.

Try not to swing when performing an element, the movements should be slow and controlled. Beginners instead of straight legs can raise their knees, and advanced athletes to raise their feet even higher – to the level of the chest and head.


Legs ups in the hang
Legs ups in the hang


Exercises for the upper press for girls

And here they head the training of twisting, this time straight.

Straight twists

This popular exercise is performed as follows:

      • We lay down on the floor, placing hands behind the head, legs bend at the knees;
      • straining the muscles of the press, we begin a slow rise of the upper part of the body, the ribs must approach with the hips, and the chin should not touch the chest;
      • linger at the top for a few seconds;
      • fall on the shoulder blades;
      • we do two or three approaches 20-30 times.

We complicate the exercise by lifting straight legs.


Straight twists
Straight twists


“Book” with fitball

This very interesting exercise with the ball is done like this:

      • We lay on the floor on the back, legs and hands should be straight and not touch the floor;
      • We pick up the fitball in the hands;
      • lift the top and bottom of the body in such a way as to pass the ball from hand to foot;
      • We lay down on the floor, keeping the ball on the weight;
      • again “get together” and pass the fitball back to the hands;
      • repeat 10 times.


"Book" with fitball
“Book” with fitball


Scissors and a bicycle

This exercise is familiar to everyone else from school physical education lessons. The technique of its implementation is as follows:

      • Fits on the floor face up;
      • We raise our legs and begin to cross them, if they are scissors;
      • or we make movements, as if we twist the pedals, if it’s a bicycle.

Strengthen the scissors can be lowering the legs to the floor: the lower they are, the more efficiently the press operates. The bicycle will be more effective if you add the simultaneous operation of the upper part of the hull. Simply lift the shoulder blades and stretch your elbows to the opposite knee. In this case, the hands are behind the head.


Exercise Scissors
Exercise Scissors



To finish the training on the press, both upper and lower, follows the bar, which effectively studies all muscle groups. For the strips, we take an emphasis lying down as with push-ups, the legs should be straight. Hands can also be straight or bent at the elbows. Occupying a position on four points, we hold in this position for at least a minute.

Effective and the side bar, working oblique muscles of the press. Here you need to rest on the palm and side of the foot. At two points it is also desirable to hold out a minute. Next – change sides.




Exercises for the side press for girls

The uniqueness of the oblique muscles is that they can be worked out of three positions: lying, sitting, standing. Again, all attention is focused on twisting, which can be lateral, diagonal or twisting of bent legs.

Lateral twisting

This kind of twisting is performed as follows:

      • We lay on our side, our straight legs are pressed to the floor, the upper hand is placed behind the head, the lower one is placed directly in front of us on the floor;
      • lift the upper part of the body and stay for a few seconds;
      • We lift only our legs and also freeze;
      • simultaneously raise the upper and lower parts of the body;
      • repeat to the other side.

This three options for lifting can be both combined and performed separately. On each side you need to do 10-15 lifts in each set, the number of which is three.


Lateral twisting
Lateral twisting


Diagonal twists

Another variation of the most popular exercise for a press for girls is done this way:

      • We lay down on the back, legs bend at the knees;
      • right elbow we pull to the left knee and stay in this position;
      • we return to the starting position and change the diagonal.

On each side will require at least ten repetitions in three approaches.


Diagonal twists
Attractive woman do fitness diagonal twists exercise on a lilac mat


Twisting of bent legs

The technique of doing this exercise is extremely simple:

      • We lay on our backs and bend our knees;
      • pressing the upper body to the floor with your hands;
      • we perform twisting of the raised pelvis and legs in different directions.


Twisting of bent legs
Twisting of bent legs


Exercises on the press in a standing position

From the standing position, oblique abdominal muscles are effectively treated by a variety of inclinations that can be represented in the following variations:

      • in the sides with hands clasped on the back of the head;
      • With the arms sliding along the body;
      • to the opposite leg.

You can also use your legs to the sides. For this we rest our hands on any suitable object, becoming sideways to it. Machs are performed with the maximum amplitude.

Exercises in the sitting position

The most lazy can be offered turns aside from a position sitting. Despite the ease of doing this exercise, the effect will also be noticeable. So, we sit down on a chair, we put our hands behind the head. With an exhalation we develop the case aside only at the expense of muscles of a loin. We repeat in the other direction.

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Turns to the sides sitting
Turns to the sides sitting



A beautiful and embossed tummy does not appear out of nowhere. This is the result of everyday work. At the same time, you do not need to torture yourself with the hardest exercises, you can stop at quite acceptable elements for physical development. In the future, the body itself will require an increase in the load.