Exercises on the health disk

Exercises on the health disk

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Believe, if they tell you that one compact health disk weighing 1.1 kg will help get rid of excess weight and make your waist slender? This is quite possible if you perform exercises on the health drive for weight loss. This rotating metal “pancake” helps not only to lose weight in the waist and lower body, but, and trains the vestibular apparatus. After a long time with him you can go to space, but it’s better to stay on the ground and continue to improve your body.


Exercises on the health drive
Exercises on the health drive



Features simulator

The disc of health, the circle of health, the disc Gracia – this projectile has many names, but its design is always unchanged: two bonded metal discs or metal and plastic with bent towards each other edges that rotate at the expense of steel balls inside. Its diameter is about 30 cm.

The health drive has several modifications:

  1. classical metal circle;
  2. plastic surface with additional points for foot massage;
  3. plastic with expanders;
  4. plastic with music and sensors.

The classical model of the disk is made of two metal plates. Modern versions have a plastic coating with splashes under the feet. At their expense, an additional foot massage is performed. Also, there is a model with expanders for additional elaboration of the muscles of the hands, as well as with different sensors to track weight loss, calories.

The health drive simulator is quite compact. To store it does not need extra space – the shell is placed under furniture. And also it is easy to transport.

For training with him does not need a lot of space, it is important to fit the disc and arms bent at the elbows. You can practice on it in the hall, at home and even in the office. In the latter case, this is necessary, given that office staff conduct a sedentary lifestyle that negatively affects their health.

10 minutes of exercises with a simulator will help to cheer up and stretch muscles. A 30-minute training will help burn at least 250 kilocalories.

The health disc is used to train for weight loss, as well as for warm-up before heavy and intense exercises. Classes on it are conducted barefoot or in thin socks. For a week of exercises on the disc of health for weight loss you can lose up to 1 kg of excess weight. Quick effect of this simulator will not be, it is necessary to be reserved with patience and perseverance difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting. Changes in the figure will begin one month after daily training. To quickly lose calories, you need to make changes to your menu – go to the right food, spend weight days or choose the right diet.


Disk health
Disk health


Benefit and harm

Like all simulators, exercises on the health drive have advantages and disadvantages.


This simulator is designed primarily for slim waistline. Performing exercises on the disc of health for the stomach can be a good way to lose weight in the waist. This will happen naturally and gradually. Regular exercises on the Grace disk have a beneficial effect on the whole organism:

  • training the muscles of the bark, buttocks, arms, legs;
  • strengthening of the back;
  • improvement of the intestine;
  • prevention of diseases of the back and legs;
  • development of the vestibular apparatus and coordination of movements;
  • getting rid of stagnation of blood in the pelvis and joints in the joints;
  • increased endurance, flexibility and flexibility.

If you buy a modern health slimming disk with additional points on its surface, during the exercises will be an additional foot massage. This part of the body is practically not stimulated by training with other shells. Massage of these zones is beneficial for the work of internal organs.


Exercises on the health drive are based on the corners of the body and twisting. Therefore, such classes are contraindicated to the following groups of people:

  • with diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
  • with diseases of the digestive system in an acute form, ulcers;
  • after operations on the legs, back or abdominal cavity;
  • with a very weak vestibular apparatus;
  • with impaired blood circulation of the brain;
  • pregnant.

Retired should be very carefully engaged on the disc Grace, so as not to aggravate the senile diseases and not injure the joints.


Option exercise on the disk health
Option exercise on the disk health


Rules of employment on the disk

A simpler projectile for sports and weight loss is not found. (exercises with a hoop or on fitball can compete with him) unless the Simplicity of exercises with it seems obvious best circuit cutting program, but there are some rules which all the same should be observed at performance of a disk of health for growing thin of a stomach and sides.

  1. The duration of training is 20-30 minutes daily.
  2. 20 minutes before training, you need to drink a glass of warm water.
  3. The disc should be placed on a flat, non-slippery surface.
  4. You need to train barefoot or in thin socks.
  5. Clothing should not restrain or interfere with movement.
  6. In most exercises, body turns occur only at the waist. Therefore, the head and shoulders should be immovable, do not descend.
  7. All movements are carried out smoothly. Sharp jerks or turns are prohibited.
  8. Turns occur due to the scrolling of the upper and lower parts of the body in different directions.
  9. Nearby there should be a chair or other furniture, which you can rely on.

For those who first try their hand at the health drive doctors recommend to make 5 turns when performing various exercises. More advanced athletes in one exercise make up to 10 turns on the disk.

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Exercises on the health drive - the technique of performing
Exercises on the health drive – the technique of performing

Complex of exercises

Before starting the exercises on the health waist wheel, you need to master the basic position of the body, which is used as the starting position (IP) in many exercises:

  • to get on the disk;
  • just sit down;
  • bend your arms in the elbows and keep them at the chest level;
  • keep your back straight;
  • strain the muscles of the press.

We offer the following classes on the disc of health for weight loss.

  1. Next to the disc put the two chairs back to him. IP, grasp the backs and turn the lower part of the body to the left, then to the right.
  2. Place the disc next to the wall. IP, hands lean against the wall. Make turns in the waist alternately in the left and right sides.
  3. IP, smoothly rotate on the circle, making turns to the top of the body to the right, and the bottom to the left.
  4. IP, make turns on the circle, as in the previous exercise. Add sit-ups and lifting on straight legs when doing turns.
  5. IP, during the rotation on the disk, you can alternate the raising and lowering of the hands: the right hand is lifted up, left along the body, change at the next turn.
  6. Become on the floor, hands bent at the elbows in front of him. Keep the disk between your palms sideways to yourself. Turn the pussy hands in opposite directions.
  7. Put the disc on a chair, sit on it, legs stand together. Hands raised to the level of the chest. With your feet make side small steps to the left, then to the right. Only the lower part of the body should turn.
  8. This exercise differs from the previous one, which adds twists to the top of the case in the opposite direction.
  9. Drive on a chair, sit on it sideways to the back. The hands are on their knees. Pushing away, you need to “fly” to the opposite edge of the back of the chair. Repeat several such turns in each direction.
  10. It is necessary to put two disks side by side on the floor. Become on them in PI. Turn the socks toward each other and return to the FE.
  11. Two disks, IPs, are also used. Both legs turn first left, IP, right.
  12. Become in the bar, leaning your hands in the discs. Turn your hands towards each other, directly, in opposite directions.

If you give each of these exercises every day at least 2 minutes, you can strengthen the muscles of the whole body, make the waist slender, tighten the stomach, hands, buttocks and legs.

When doing exercises, you can also use various hand expanders, dumbbells.

Common Mistakes

In pursuit of a slender figure, people often ignore the elementary rules of using a particular sports equipment. Grace is no exception. Applying a health drive for weight loss, people make a lot of mistakes

Error What leads to
Slouch It is inconvenient to turn hunched. In this position, the internal organs are clamped, do not work well.
Sharp movements It is impossible to hurry. From sharp jerks and twists, you can pull a muscle or pinch a joint or vertebrae.
Turning the whole body If the turns happen all over the body, weight loss will not occur. In different exercises, turns are made either by the upper or lower part of the body.
Head down Load on the neck and spine. Complication of exercise is difficult, it is difficult to breathe.
Too tight or too loose clothes, pants “on the floor” Clinging outfits can impede movement and cause discomfort. Too loose can interfere with the performance of turns, squats, slopes. Pants “on the floor” can get between the plates of the disc, doing exercises will be impossible.
Sneakers or other shoes Stop the massage of the feet on the corrugated or punctate surface of the disc.
Short workouts With a duration of 5-15 minutes a day, the loss of excess weight will be negligible.
Uneven or slippery surface You can be injured if you place the disc on a slippery or uneven surface.