Skew twists to pump press

Skew twists to pump press

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Exercises on the press are not limited to just lifting the hull or legs. To achieve maximum effect and a uniformly developed press, you need to perform not only conventional twisting on the press, but also oblique twists. They will not only take part in tightening the abdomen, but will also provide a narrow waist and traced contours of the sides.



Skew twists on the press: benefits and contraindications

Despite the name, all the muscles of the press will work when doing skew twists. The technique of execution is pretty simple, requiring no additional equipment, except the rug. The benefits of exercise are enormous:

  1. Weight LossAt intensive performance of an exercise there is an active fat burning. The figure becomes outlined and embossed in a shorter time. The tummy is always tight, the silhouette is sporty and attractive.
  2. Aesthetic beauty of the bodyTwisting the oblique muscles of the abdomen allows a woman to achieve the ideal of beauty – the figure in the form of an hourglass. Men exercise will boast an athletic figure due to the narrow waist and broad chest.
  3. Positive effect on internal organsThe muscles, always in a tonus, support the internal organs. Also, during the training, blood begins to flow better to the pelvic organs, which in turn has a positive effect on male and female health.

Despite the obvious benefit of the element, there are some contraindications to its implementation. With caution, you need to treat an element of persons:

  • having problems with the musculoskeletal system;
  • suffering from diseases of the abdominal cavity and small pelvis;
  • recently undergone surgery.


Skew twists
Oblique abdominal muscles


What muscles work?

In the process of performing skew twists, the following abdominal muscles work on the press:

  • Straight, designed to bend the body in the lumbar region;
  • internal and external oblique, working at folds of a backbone at turns of the case and lateral slopes.

Technique of doing the exercise

The most popular variant of the exercise is oblique curls on the press on the floor with a turn to the side. The technique of its implementation will be as follows:

Initial position

We occupy the starting position: we lay on the floor on the back and bend our knees. You can tilt your knees to one side or put an ankle of one leg on the knee of the other. Hands are behind the head, the waist is firmly pressed to the floor.

Lifting the case

We press the press and lift the shoulders off the floor. We exhale and lift the body, directing it in one direction with the knees or ankle of the leg with lateral twists in one direction. If the twists are diagonal, then the body is directed in the opposite direction.

The neck during lifting should be as much as possible weakened, the chin should not be pressed to a breast. The elbow of the hand of the working side should reach the leg as far as possible.

Return to original position

Taking a breath, we return to the starting position. Shoulders at the same time do not lower the floor to the floor, the press does not relax. The back should always be slightly rounded.

On each side you need to make at least twenty to thirty repetitions stretching exercises for beginners and this is only for one approach, which should be three.

Exercise Options

Variations in the performance of this exercise are infinitely many. Two we have already considered. You can leave your knees bent at the floor and elbow to the opposite knee. And you can stretch out your working hand and stretch your palm to the foot of the same side.

  1. “Bicycle” is another exercise in oblique twisting, in which the direction of the parties is alternating.
  2. To enhance the effect, you can perform oblique twisting on an inclined bench. The technique of execution will be the same, and the effectiveness due to the resistance force is higher.

We examined the implementation of oblique twists from the prone position. The element is also effective from other positions: sitting and standing. How to do oblique twisting in this case? Very simple!

  1. Lateral twisting from standing position. Here all attention is paid to slopes. We stand straight, we have the hands behind the head with a butterfly and make the slopes of the hull in different directions pullover exercises. Another variation is the slip of the straight arms along the body or to the opposite leg.
  2. Skew twists from sitting position. We sit on a chair, hands also occupy the position of a butterfly. Exhaling, we turn the case aside.


Skew twists on the press
Skew twists on the press


What should I look for in the exercise?

 If you decide to press the press with the help of skew twists, then the following information will be useful to you:

  • Do not lift the casing high above the floor – the maximum load on the oblique abdominal muscles will only be in the case of a slight lifting of the body;
  • a non-working hand located on the back of the head should not press on it: its task is to support the head, and not help in the execution of the element; besides, it can lead to trauma of the spine in the cervical region;
  • Oblique muscles should not be kept in tension all the time: to achieve maximum effect, their relaxation is also necessary, which is achieved by maximum pressing the shoulders and the head to the floor in the starting position.

It must be remembered that lateral twists require patience and great willpower. Even with the first approach, the muscles begin to burn. Many can not stand the strain and stop there. But this is incorrect: the desired effect will be achieved only when performing a complete cycle. Burning muscles say that they just started working, so you need to load them even more, and do not stop training.

Another secret to success is the regularity of the exercise and the combination of it with other elements on the press. Well, and of course, diet. No matter how developed the muscles of the press, under the layer of fat, they simply will not be visible.


Lateral twisting on the floor
Lateral twisting on the floor


Summing up

We make our body beautiful. Even slim by nature girls will be useful oblique twists. The abdominal muscles should always be in a tone, otherwise the tummy, however small it will bulge. The shoulders and breasts of the male at the expense of the narrow waist are visually made wider, so lateral twists form the ideal body of not only women but also men.

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In terms of technique, the element is quite simple. We need only patience and willpower. Love yourself and your body, and it will thank you in the form of visual beauty and health.