Training at home – main exercises and technique

training at home

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Training at home has a number of disadvantages, such as, for example, the lack of a trainer who can help the council monitor the process, lack of space and lack of motivation. However, recently more and more sportsmen have been choosing their training at home. Why?

And all because exercises at home for men, as well as for women, allow you to work out all muscle groups with no less efficiency than training in the gym, but they require less time and money.

The market of sports goods now provides a huge selection of shells and simulators for home workouts, and more free time becomes more due to the disappearance of the need to spend it on the road to the gym.

The main rule of successful training at home is to find a suitable training program.



Exercises for training at home:


Everyone is interested in the question of how to pump up a house without iron. The answer is simple – squat. Squats involve such large muscle groups as the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, and their work gives a significant expenditure of calories, which is important if you want to lose weight. They impart mobility to the hip joints, and the knees – stability.

Squats can be of several kinds. In addition to the usual, there are cups – it is necessary to keep a small burden on bent hands; squats on one leg – develop not only strength indicators, but also balance with flexibility; sit-ups “sumo” – while squatting uses a wide setting of the legs.


build muscles
Squats at home.


Squats require a stable position of the back, so the muscles of the cortex are given a decent load, contributing to their strengthening. Squats not only stimulate the growth of strength indicators, but also prevent the varicose veins.

Push ups

This type of exercise has so many varied variations that only one of them can be a full exercise at home.

Evenly distributed load between pectoral muscles, deltoid and triceps is achieved with the help of usual push-ups. The load to which the pectoral muscles or triceps are susceptible is achieved by changing the width of the setting of the hands.


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Push ups


Analog press dumbbells or standing bars are vertical push-ups. There are also reverse push-ups on the triceps (it is necessary to be in the position of the back to the support) and push-ups on the beams or horizontal bar, with a wide setting of the hands.

Despite the fact that exercises with push-ups force almost all muscle groups to work, the accent is still made on the upper part of the body. If push-ups are combined with pull-ups, it is easy to get the necessary set of exercises for harmonious development of the top of the body.


Unlike push-ups, pull-ups are an order of magnitude more difficult, mainly due to the fact that weighting is a greater percentage of body weight.


training at home
Pull-up is good exercise to train back muscles at home.


Lifting involves the muscle groups of the breast, deltas, triceps and biceps. Different widths and types of grip (direct and reverse, neutral and parallel, narrow, wide and medium) form different types of load, focusing on a specific group of muscles.


Exercise to maintain a stable position of the body in the supine position, that is, the bar, perhaps both lateral and direct, and is the main exercise for training the bark.

The main function of the muscles of the cortex is stabilization, it is on their condition that the health of the spine and the safety of almost all strength exercises depend.


pump muscles at home
Exercise plank


Even a short time spent in the bar will allow you to feel the work of the muscular groups of the back, shoulders, abdominals, thighs and buttocks. At home, the bar is recommended to be performed without the use of various devices for burdening.


This exercise is an important element in the complex of home training. The bridge allows you to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the back, buttocks and hands, and is also an excellent prevention of various diseases associated with the spine.

Regular exercise of this exercise will allow the muscles to be elastic, and the spine – mobile and flexible. It is believed that the regular performance of this training element contributes to the expansion of the chest and increase lung volume.

Exercise bridge can be performed in several ways: lying on the floor, standing with support on the wall, standing without support or from a vertical stand on the hands.

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The main rule, which must always be strictly adhered to – is to make a bridge with pre-warmed muscles.

Burpy is considered one of the most “cool” exercises in crossfit. Perform it can be both with weights, and without them.


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Exercise bridge at home


The whole exercise consists of the sequential execution of the following actions: it is necessary to sit down, resting your hands on the floor so that your legs  touch the chest. Then, having thrown legs back, we execute an emphasis lying down and we return to a starting position. After, we try to jump out as much as possible and then return to the starting position.

This exercise involves all muscle groups and joints in the work. The muscles of the upper humeral girdle, that is, the deltoid, trapezius and triceps, as well as the muscle groups of the abdominal, thighs, gluteal and gastrocnemius muscles, are subjected to the maximum load.

Burpy not only increases the endurance of the body, but also very efficiently burns excess fat reserves. According to the research, the bust also increases the metabolic rate, which is important in the fight against calories.

Mahi with weights

Exercises with this projectile are an extremely effective tool for forming a tight-fitting sports figure. Flywheels produce an intense load on the oblique muscles of the press, abdominal muscles, back muscles and flexors of the hip.

Training with kettlebells helps synchronize the work of the whole body, because when the center of gravity of the projectile is outside the hilt, the athlete must coordinate all his actions with biomechanics and thus the athlete, activating a variety of muscle groups, forces the body to work as a unit.

Above all else, exercises with weight effectively increase the strength and anaerobic endurance, burn calories, develop the strength of the bark.

Squats with dumbbells

We put our feet to the width of the shoulders or already. The back inclination should be about 45 degrees, but not lower. The lower hip point during the squat should be parallel to the floor or even lower. Squats are recommended to be carried out with dumbbells of small weight.


Squats with dumbbells
Squats with dumbbells


We perform 25 repetitions for 8 approaches, each week increasing the repetitions by another 2 times.


Training at home – one of the main components of a good physical shape for life. Once in a habit, they will become an integral part of your life, a good habit that you can not take away neither shortage of time nor financial position.